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Human rights and the environment

The Human Rights Commission notes that there are rights protected by international treaties for which it has local responsibility, as well as a broader range of human rights as understood by the community. Among those is the right to a healthy environment. Protecting the natural world has impacts on our health, our mental wellbeing, our ability to produce the food we eat and the water we drink, as well as the spiritual comfort we draw from our surroundings

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When I was born, the human population was about two billion. Today, it is approaching seven billion. In the 1960s, US biologist Paul Ehrlich warned of the consequences of uncontrolled population growth. In forecasting mass starvation if the population continued to grow, he was echoing the gloomy thoughts of Malthus, who argued over 200 years ago that population was increasing faster than food production could be expanded

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Responding to Climate Change

In 1989, I wrote a book on climate change, Living in the Greenhouse. At the time the scientific community was still divided about climate change. It was clear that the planet was getting warmer and that other changes were happening, like rising sea levels and altered rainfall patterns

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Science, technology and wellbeing

Scientific understanding of the world has enabled us to improve material wellbeing on a scale that previous generations would find difficult to believe. For all but the last few decades, most humans have struggled to obtain the basic necessities for a civilised life: clean water, sanitation, adequate nutrition, shelter and health care

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