Marcia Langton photo

Marcia Langton AO

Indigenous Voice Co-design Process
Final Report to the Australian Government, July 2021

Tom Calma Photo

Tom Calma AO

Indigenous Voice Co-design Process
Final Report to the Australian Government, July 2021


Hilary McPhee

“The Uluru Statement of the Heart is the most generous offer by our First Peoples to build a constitutional bridge, to close the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians, and to dismantle the silences with truth-telling … “

Barry Jones AC

“Homo sapiens first arrived in Australia about 65,000 years before ‘the common era’, or BCE. We cannot pin down a specific day for their arrival …”

Fiona Stanley photo

Fiona Stanley AC

“The comments from many about the lack of evidence of the impact of the Voice on closing the gap needs to be addressed with the best data we have. For many years, our Telethon Institute’s First Nations researchers have demonstrated …”


Gareth Evans AC

“Too many Indigenous Australians continue to suffer, as they have since the first days of white settlement, from prejudice, discrimination, mistreatment, neglect – and well-intentioned but misguided government policy choices …”


Mark Kenny

“Never in world history, has a settler state founded by imperial force and systematised racial negation, been offered such a direct and painless avenue to moral renewal …”


Ian Lowe AO

““I grew up totally ignorant of the frontier wars, the massacres, the rapes, the poisonings and the violent dispossession of the first Australians. School history consisted of the First Fleet, the explorers and …”

Michael Henry AM

“The Uluru Statement from the Heart is one of the most important documents of the past decade for Australia. Developed by an inclusive consultative process amongst first nation leaders, it captures what they respectfully request of Australia …”


Max Gillies AM

“At the time of writing, the loudest non-indigenous voices in the debate on the referendum proposal are opposed to it. They border on hysteria frankly. Without wishing to ascribe insincerity to the shouters …”


Mary Rhyllis Clark

“I came to Australia as a ten-pound-Pom in the early 1970s and looking back, am amazed and ashamed at how little I knew of the country’s history, its politics, its culture, its people …”


Rob McGauran

“Since Cook’s landing, and prior to and after Federation, our decision makers, and the constitution underpinning our Parliamentary system and Government, have largely ignored the sovereignty of the original Aboriginal and …”